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Survey Says Baltimore Has The Ugliest People In the Country

In a new Travel and Leisure survey of America’s favorite places, readers scored cities on a few different categories, including how “hot or not” the locals are.

Turns out, America thinks Baltimoreans aren’t the prettiest people. Baltimore, Maryland was ranked the least attractive city.

Charm City slipped down the list from fourth to first place in this year’s survey. Readers seem to love Baltimore for its revitalized Inner Harbor, and its beautiful historic sites, but while the city itself is rather photogenic, Americans think the citizens are not.

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Black Twitter Drags Bill O'Reilly After Hearing He'd Been Fired

While they may be some that are heartbroken over Bill O'Reilly being fired there were many that were overjoyed to see him go. Black Twitter wasted no time getting Bill together as he was on his way out of the door.