Footballer Andrea Petagna Celebrates By Dropping His Shorts On The Field

This may be what it takes to get me to watch Soccer on a consistent basis. Maybe. But this would have to be something all the players start doing.

Very Black

Infograph: Climate Change, Hurricanes and Gentrification

Via Vice Impact: The national tragedy that is Hurricane Harvey brings attention to the often overlooked but very human cost of climate change that increasingly affects the lives of many Americans -- climate gentrification. The physical displacement caused by climate change is on full display in Houston, and has been increasingly happening in the United States. Think Hurricane Katrina, which immediately displaced more than a million people along the Gulf Coast, many of whom were low-income and were never able to return to their homes.

Rapper Moneybagg Poses With Fan, Internet Goes Crazy Over His Meat Print

Well if his career in rapping goes south, we're sure he'll find plenty of people to go south on him. Yes this is why everyone loves sweatpants. They just seem to bring out the best in people ya know?

The Most Lit Graduation Photos Ever

Squad Goals

Meet Cynthia Bailey's New Man Will Jones

Looks like Cynthia is getting her groove back like Stella. The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star reportedly has a new man, and women are going crazy over him.

The streets are talking about Bailey’s new man, and word so far seems very promising: his name is Will Jones, and he’s reportedly a motivational speaker and entrepreneur who has appeared on “The Steve Harvey Show.” Jones is also close with Atlanta mayoral candidate Michael Sterling, who is dating Bailey’s new co-star Eva Marcille, so that’s convenient from a show point of view.

Men On Bikes

Just Because: Trey and Swae

So here's something interesting. Swae looks better because he's standing next to Trey, while Trey looks better because he's standing next to Swae.

We're Swooning Over The Latest #Teacherbae

I'm not sure how anyone is getting work done in this class with all those muscles hanging around.