Rainbow Colored Apartment Is Your Childhood Dream


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Amina Mucciolo, also known as Studio Mucci, is not shy or subtle when it comes to reflecting her personality through the interiors of her unicorn themed apartment.

As vibrant and as colorful it can possibly get, Mucciolo’s crib has taken the internet by storm with its bold aura and its rainbow theme, a decor so whimsical and crazy that even unicorns would do anything to reside at her place. Starting from walls painted in hues of light purple to pastel colored cabinets, from a floral wall to a hello kitty microwave, from colorful paper cranes hanging from the ceiling to eccentrically mismatched wardrobe and plastic plates in her kitchen counter, she has got them all!

The owner of the house herself knows how to rock colorful, unicorn braids, vibrant clothes, and glitter makeup. Mucciolo admits that it is important for her that she and her beloved husband live in an apartment that fits them.

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